Centrally located in the state capital, Des Moines, the law firm of Parrish Kruidenier is well-positioned to assist clients throughout the state of Iowa in a wide variety of practice areas.  Our lawyers are skilled in a range of legal fields, including:

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death – we represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, aviation accidents, slips and falls, premises liability, products liability, medical malpractice, and more.

Criminal Defense – from arrest through post-conviction relief and appeals, we defend the rights of the accused in offenses ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including first degree murder, vehicular manslaughter, and other homicides; driving under the influence (DUI); drug offenses; and theft crimes, including burglary, robbery, and grand larceny.

Employment and Labor Law – we help clients with the myriad of issues involved in  relations between employers and their union-organized employees, including collective bargaining, labor arbitration, labor disputes, claims of unfair labor practices, and proceedings before the labor relations board.

Civil Rights – from police abuses such as harassment, brutality, illegal searches and arrests, and malicious prosecution, to illegal employment discrimination and first amendment violations, we hold the government accountable for misconduct when it veers from the laws and principles on which our society is founded.

Administrative Law – we help clients navigate the vast landscape of laws, rules, and regulations set forth by a wide array of local, state, and federal agencies, including hearings and appeals before administrative officers, licensing boards, and district courts.

Family Law – we handle the full range of family law matters, including divorce and the accompanying issues of child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and modification of decrees, as well as helping with premarital agreements, adoption, paternity, and other matters.

Appellate Law – our firm includes lawyers who concentrate their practice in the technical and specialized area of appeals, with experience briefing and arguing cases before the state and federal appellate courts, including the Supreme Courts of Iowa and of the United States.

Workers’ Compensation – Attorney Tammy Gentry handles all workers’ compensation claims, including claims involving physical injury, mental health problems, disease contracted from work, and death.  Some workers’ compensation claims may include the responsibility of a third party, such as an auto accident, allowing for several possible ways of recovery.  Our Firm is pleased to assist injured workers and their families who have suffered a work place injury.

Immigration – Those of us that live in the United States could easily list all of the reasons why we feel blessed to live in our country. It should come as no surprise that many individuals born outside the United States want to live here, too. Many people risk their entire earnings and their very lives to make dangerous trips to the United States.

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From Sioux City to Cedar Rapids, Parrish Kruidenier is your firm for superior legal services performed effectively and efficiently.  If you need legal advice or representation in any of the above areas, contact us today for creative solutions to your legal problems.

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