Attorney Tammy Gentry handles all workers’ compensation claims, including claims involving physical injury, mental health problems, disease contracted from work, and death.  Some workers’ compensation claims may include the responsibility of a third party, such as an auto accident, allowing for several possible ways of recovery.  Our Firm is pleased to assist injured workers and their families who have suffered a work place injury.


An injured worker is entitled to several different types of benefits.  Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often minimize the seriousness of the injury, or try to rush an injured worker back to work.  The process can be complex, and can get in the way of recovery.  An attorney can help make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled, including the medical care needed to get you back to work.

  1. Medical care and expenses. If you are injured while working, you are entitled to medical care.  This may include doctor, surgical care, prescriptions, and physical therapy.  Your employer or their insurance company decides which doctor the injured worker will see.  Your attorney can help you if you are dissatisfied with the medical care chosen by your employer.
  2. Mileage to medical appointments. You are entitled to mileage to and from your medical appointments.  The rate per mile changes annually, and as of July 2016 is set at 54 cents per mile.  Your attorney may help calculate what is owed and to obtain reimbursement for mileage to your appointments.
  3. Temporary Benefits. If an injured worker’s doctor has taken the employee off work, whether completely or partly, the injured worker is entitled to weekly benefits.  Temporary benefits continue until the injured worker returns to regular work or their doctor releases the worker from care.  The weekly benefits amount is calculated based on many factors.  An attorney can make sure you are getting the weekly benefit amount you are entitled.
  4. Permanent Benefits. After an injured worker reaches maximum improvement, they are entitled to a permanency rating.  If the injury is to a “scheduled member”, such as an arm, leg, foot, hand or finger, you will be entitled to a payment based upon the extent of disability.  An attorney can assist you in getting the second opinion to which you are entitled, and maximizing the payment for your scheduled injury.
  5. Body as a Whole/Industrial Disability. If an injured worker’s injury affects his or her back, shoulder, hip or has a mental health claim, the worker is entitled to benefits to the body as a whole.  Industrial disability benefits will increase the claim, by including benefits for how the injury affects a worker’s future employment.  If the injured worker is permanently and totally disabled, she may be entitled to lifetime benefits.  An attorney can help you maximize your body as a whole claim.

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