I have been an associate attorney since 2019, with a focus in state and federal criminal defense, civil rights and immigration litigation, and growing a business immigration practice.

I have a successful track record of negotiating fair outcomes in tough cases. I can point out the weaknesses on the prosecution side while showing the Judge why her clients deserve a chance. I’m also not afraid to go to trial when it is the right choice for my clients. I will take the time to explain all of your options to you, so that you can make an informed and supported decision.

In each of my cases, I start from a position of believing in my clients. I conduct an investigation to determine their best strategy, and I pursue it doggedly. At the same time, I’m honest with my clients. Very little in law is black and white. If there is a weakness in your case, I will let you know so that you aren’t taken by surprise. My mission is to help you achieve a fair outcome, whether you are bringing a suit or find yourself defending against the government.