Those of us that live in the United States could easily list all of the reasons why we feel blessed to live in our country. It should come as no surprise that many individuals born outside the United States want to live here, too. Many people risk their entire earnings and their very lives to make dangerous trips to the United States.

Unfortunately, immigrants quickly find many problems in dealing with the law on immigration. First, United States immigration law is one of the most complicated and intricate areas of law. Second, there are very few attorneys that specialize in immigration law. Third, many immigrants do not read and write English well-enough, much less legalese, to understand the dense regulations of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Fourth, immigrants are often initially advised by notarios, false attorneys, which make immigrants’ cases more difficult than they would have to be. Finally, most immigrants do not know they should always hire an immigration attorney if they are ever charged with a criminal offense. Many immigrants are surprised to learn that almost all criminal activity has negative, and in most cases, unduly harsh immigration consequences. Very few attorneys, even experienced criminal defense attorneys, truly understand the specialized field of immigration consequences of criminal activity.

Attorney Benjamin D. Bergmann assists immigrants in all sorts of immigration matters, but specializes in immigration consequences of criminal activity. His strength is assisting immigrants that have been involved in the criminal justice system avoiding deportation. He assists immigrants in Iowa state courts, federal courts, immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the circuit courts, protecting his clients’ interests. Ben’s criminal practice is a “one-stop shop,” because Ben represents immigrant clients in criminal jury trials, bench trials, and appeals, so there is no need to hire another attorney to assist in those matters. Ben speaks, read, and writes Spanish fluently, so client can communicate directly with him, and not through an interpreter.

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